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Residential Solar Leads
Recent news and political trends, as well as environmental and humanitarian needs, indicate that solar and green energy is the next source of powering the Earth and providing the energy for the future. Running a solar company now is like being at the beginning of a future industry titan. The correlation between these coming changes and environmental changes goes hand-in-hand and cannot be ignored.

If you are searching for residential solar leads, My Lead Group’s marketing strategies are specifically designed to generate exclusive residential solar leads that increase users and generate sales for your business.

Since its origin in 2011,’s success has greatly escalated, establishing its place as a prominent figure in the heart of the solar industry. Our goal is to support the environment and the growth of solar by providing high quality residential solar leads to installers.

What is a residential solar lead?
A residential solar lead is a homeowner who is seriously interested in switching to solar. All residential solar leads provided by My Lead Group are exclusive solar leads, which means they are never re-sold or recycled. The residential solar leads you will receive are sold exclusively to your business alone.

What is different about My Lead Group?
-We provide leads in real time that are generated fresh each day.
-Our residential solar leads are scrubbed and pre-qualified for solar installation.
-Our residential solar leads are exclusive solar leads, they are never re-sold or shared.
-Our residential solar leads are also scheduled solar appointments.

How it works.
My Lead Group’s expert marketing representatives schedule solar appointments for residential solar leads and send them to your company in real time. Scheduled solar appointment leads give your business a big advantage because each lead contact is already scheduled to meet with an installer from your company. All you have to do is confirm the appointment, and close the sale.

Don’t waste anymore time! Contact My Lead Group today and start benefiting from our exclusive solar lead generation services.

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