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The solar lead industry is very competitive and it may be hard to find quality exclusive residential solar leads. With many companies promising to generate leads for your solar installation business, it may be hard to know exactly what you are getting.

At MyLeadGroup.com, we believe you should have exclusive rights to your information. That is why we offer exclusive residential solar leads geared towards your business goals.

How do we accomplish this? With a team of marketing experts, and by keeping the following strategies in mind:

  1. Targeting- Knowing how to target the right type of customer is key to marketing success. If you do not know how to target properly or set up ad campaigns, you will be throwing money down the drain.
  2. Landing pages- A landing page can be the first form of contact customers have before they become a lead. That being said, the importance of catchy, informative, and memorable landing page can effect brand awareness and influence the amount of lead generation you receive.
  3. Evaluation- Make sure that you have a good system of evaluating your target group data. If you don’t know where your clicks and leads are coming from, you’re playing a guessing game with your ad budget.

MyLeadGroup.com uses advanced software to generate reports that show exactly where exclusive residential solar leads are coming from, and a ton of other valuable information to give our clients the best bang for their buck.

MyLeadGroup.com’s full-service advertising system utilizes these factors to generate exclusive residential solar leads for each of our clients. And, all landing pages are fully branded for you, to convert more leads while maximizing your brand exposure. MyLeadGroup.com is the company you can trust to provide exclusive residential solar leads.

Do you have a service or business that could benefit from high-quality exclusive residential solar leads? Contact an account executive at MyLeadGroup.com today.

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