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There are many lead generation companies out there, but knowing which one to choose is the biggest challenge. You will know a lead generation company by what it produces. When you buy solar leads from My Lead Group, you can trust that each lead has been verified and is highly interested in switching to solar.

Installation companies need to acquire solar leads that convert to sales. If you are not currently purchasing sales lead contacts, I guarantee your competitors are. Buy solar leads that are scrubbed and verified from Our team even takes it a step further. With My Lead Group, your sales leads are already scheduled to meet with an installer from your company. All you have to do is call or email to confirm the appointment and show up for the presentation. Our services allow you to focus on what you do best– presenting the facts and closing the sale.

Buy solar leads from My Lead Group and get “real time” leads. When you purchase our sales leads, their contact information and appointment time will be sent to you right after they are verified. This means that you do not have to wait for leads to come in, because they are sent right away.
Buy solar leads from My Lead Group and get the highest ROI. We have some of the most affordable sales leads in the business, and they will bring you the highest return on investment. Take some time to check out our list of services at

My Lead Group is a lead generation company located in Southern California. Our team has been proudly providing sales leads to solar installers since 2011. If you are an installer and searching where to buy solar leads, check out We can provide leads from anywhere across the United States, right when you need them.

Don’t waste anymore time! Contact My Lead Group today and start benefiting from our exclusive solar lead generation services.

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