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Quality Solar Leads

Find quality solar leads that convert to sales when you contact My Lead Group is a lead generation company that is experienced in providing solar installers with leads that are ready go solar. One of the biggest challenges facing the solar industry today is finding new leads. Solar leads are people who are willing and able to install solar panels, but haven’t yet. When you team up with My Lead Group, you will receive a steady source of fresh new leads, right when you need them. Their services are affordable, reasonable and a reliable way for solar installers to get in touch with new customers. Find quality solar leads at My Lead Group.

In recent solar industry news, IHS analysts released a report that says the residential solar PV market, combined with advancements in energy storage, will increase 10-fold by 2018. The solar market, which reached 90MW of installed solar capacity this year, is predicted to reach 900MW by 2018.

Sam Wilkinson, IHS research manager, said that the major determining factors for solar market growth at the residential level are government incentives and energy storage. If government incentives are not offered to residents, the market could suffer, causing the energy storage market to suffer as well.

“The three key variables that determine whether it’s economical to add energy storage to a residential PV system to increase self-consumption are the value of the feed-in tariff, the expense of buying electricity from the grid, and the cost of energy storage products. And all of these metrics are moving in the right direction,” Wilkinson said.

Energy storage is also affected by the cost of batteries and power conversion systems. Although the average price of lithium batteries fell by 20% in 2014, the cost is still too high. This means that only a few businesses are able to offer energy storage options and find better ones. IHS predicts that the cost of batteries will continue to go down by another 15% in 2015, allowing for a return growth in the residential solar market for the first time since 2011.

“Although the high cost of batteries means that today in Germany, PV systems without storage offer a greater return on investment than PV systems with storage, IHS predicts that each of these key parameters will have moved to such an extent that this situation will be reversed by 2016.”

As the residential solar market grows, so will the energy storage market and the demand for better storage options. Navigant, a US-based analyst firm, predicts that battery materials such as lithium-ion, advanced carbon lead-acid and redox flow will jump from being a US$7.3 billion market in 2014 to a US$19.3 billion market by 2023.

Find quality solar leads that convert to sales. My Lead Group knows what solar installers are looking for when they want solar leads. Stop searching for quality solar leads and contact My Lead Group today.

Exclusive Residential Solar Leads

The solar lead industry is very competitive and it may be hard to find quality exclusive residential solar leads. With many companies promising to generate leads for your solar installation business, it may be hard to know exactly what you are getting.

At, we believe you should have exclusive rights to your information. That is why we offer exclusive residential solar leads geared towards your business goals.

How do we accomplish this? With a team of marketing experts, and by keeping the following strategies in mind:

  1. Targeting- Knowing how to target the right type of customer is key to marketing success. If you do not know how to target properly or set up ad campaigns, you will be throwing money down the drain.
  2. Landing pages- A landing page can be the first form of contact customers have before they become a lead. That being said, the importance of catchy, informative, and memorable landing page can effect brand awareness and influence the amount of lead generation you receive.
  3. Evaluation- Make sure that you have a good system of evaluating your target group data. If you don’t know where your clicks and leads are coming from, you’re playing a guessing game with your ad budget. uses advanced software to generate reports that show exactly where exclusive residential solar leads are coming from, and a ton of other valuable information to give our clients the best bang for their buck.’s full-service advertising system utilizes these factors to generate exclusive residential solar leads for each of our clients. And, all landing pages are fully branded for you, to convert more leads while maximizing your brand exposure. is the company you can trust to provide exclusive residential solar leads.

Do you have a service or business that could benefit from high-quality exclusive residential solar leads? Contact an account executive at today.

Buy Residential Solar Leads

There are many lead generation companies out there, but knowing which one to choose is the biggest challenge. You will know a lead generation company by what it produces. When you buy solar leads from My Lead Group, you can trust that each lead has been verified and is highly interested in switching to solar.

Installation companies need to acquire solar leads that convert to sales. If you are not currently purchasing sales lead contacts, I guarantee your competitors are. Buy solar leads that are scrubbed and verified from Our team even takes it a step further. With My Lead Group, your sales leads are already scheduled to meet with an installer from your company. All you have to do is call or email to confirm the appointment and show up for the presentation. Our services allow you to focus on what you do best– presenting the facts and closing the sale.

Buy solar leads from My Lead Group and get “real time” leads. When you purchase our sales leads, their contact information and appointment time will be sent to you right after they are verified. This means that you do not have to wait for leads to come in, because they are sent right away.
Buy solar leads from My Lead Group and get the highest ROI. We have some of the most affordable sales leads in the business, and they will bring you the highest return on investment. Take some time to check out our list of services at

My Lead Group is a lead generation company located in Southern California. Our team has been proudly providing sales leads to solar installers since 2011. If you are an installer and searching where to buy solar leads, check out We can provide leads from anywhere across the United States, right when you need them.

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Acquire new solar leads

If you are having trouble acquiring solar leads, there are services that can help. My Lead Group is a lead generation company and they are experienced in helping solar installers across the United States acquire new solar leads that are ready to install. Whether you are on the east coast or the west, there is a solar market out there to target and My Lead Group can get it for you. Their services allow you to acquire new solar leads quickly and generate new customers.

That’s right, My Lead Group will help you acquire new solar leads that are ready to install.

What qualifies a new solar lead as ready to install?
Our residential solar leads have been through a vigorous verification process and are ready to complete a scheduled appointment with an installer. With My Lead Group, this means that the lead is educated, confident, and has made the decision that converting to solar power is right for them and their home.

What is the vigorous verification process?
Many lead generation companies will claim that their solar leads are verified and that the homeowners are aware and ready to install solar on their home. However, if they did not do their job, the leads you get will surely fail. With My Lead Group, leads are verified using simple tried and true methods. They make sure that each lead is informed, ready, willing, and able to install solar panels. At My Lead Group, the focus is on educating the public with accurate information about renewable energy and switching to solar power. We believe that the more informed a resident is about solar, the more likely they are to feel confident enough to install.

What happens after that?
After the leads are verified and pre-qualified for solar installation, they are scheduled to meet with an installer. One installer. You! We tailor each campaign to a specific solar company and do not resell the leads to multiple solar companies. When the homeowner gets your call they will already be expecting your company name. We brand and tailor each lead with your company and that is what sets MyLead Group apart and ultimately serves a great service for the homeowner and you the solar company.

Online Solar Leads

Find solar appointment leads for your solar installation business with a lead generation company that knows how to get quality solar leads. If you are an installer and want to keep up with your competition, it may be wise to purchase solar appointment leads. Solar appointment leads are solar leads that have been scheduled for a solar appointment with your installation company. All you have to do is verify to the appointment via telephone or email and show up to close the sale. Purchasing solar leads can take a lot of legwork out of acquiring leads that convert to sales.

What is the difference between solar leads and solar appointment leads?
Solar leads can be a very vague term. When purchasing leads from a lead generation company, make sure that they define exactly what constitutes a “solar lead.” Every lead generation company is different, and some may sell you failed leads.

With My Lead Group, solar leads are qualified solar customers. Each lead has been through our Q&A team and approved. Your lead will be ready and able to install solar panels on the home if homeowner agrees with your company terms. We even take it a step further and schedule all qualified solar leads for a solar appointment with their nearest solar installer. If you are a solar installer and looking to target a specific location, My Lead Group can provide solar appointment leads for any area across the United States.

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