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Our aged solar web leads are opted in inquiries with time stamps and Ipaddress’s delivered to you based on your territories. Aged solar web inquiries are constantly being generated online every month. Instead of us scheduling the residential solar appointments for you these aged solar web inquiries are perfect for your sales team to contact.

Some Solar leads generated by are not ready to set a solar appointment right away. These contacts are stored and later available for purchase as “aged solar leads.” About half of all leads are not ready to buy when they are first contacted. This means that 50% of all leads will be ready to buy days, weeks, or even months after contact. Purchasing aged solar leads is highly affordable and a smart way to get sales.’s aged solar leads are 60-120 days old. We establish relationships with these leads and reconnect, through lead nurturing and increase the chances of closing the sale. Re-connecting with established existing contacts is very effective. Prospective leads have had time to think it over, and research shows they are more likely to buy after they have been contacted more than once.

There are many reasons why a lead may not have been ready to buy. Maybe the consumer was renting months ago when first contacted them. Since then, they have
moved and now own their home, and are ready to install solar panels. Be the first business to contact them since they have moved. Maybe the homeowners’ finances have changed and they want to save on utilities or can now afford the solar panel system they were looking for. Maybe they have heard about recent government incentives and tax rebate programs that are becoming more easily available. Either way, aged solar leads do not lose value just because they are “aged.” In fact, according to research studies of the sales cycle, aged solar leads are closer to the end, and much more likely to become a sale.

The Benefits of aged solar leads:

  1. aged solar leads are more affordable than real-time leads. They are cost effective and allow
    your business to buy more leads at a time for less money.
  2. aged solar leads are pre-filtered and pre-verified, increasing the likelihood that they are readyto buy. All of the bad leads have been filtered out, so you can rely on aged solar leads.
  3. aged solar leads have had time to mull it over. They are done shopping around and are ready to connect with a solid solar installation company.

“Another year older, another year wiser.” Aged solar leads are informed and established leads. They are reliable and, therefore more likely to close into sales.

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