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If you are having trouble acquiring solar leads, there are services that can help. My Lead Group is a lead generation company and they are experienced in helping solar installers across the United States acquire new solar leads that are ready to install. Whether you are on the east coast or the west, there is a solar market out there to target and My Lead Group can get it for you. Their services allow you to acquire new solar leads quickly and generate new customers.

That’s right, My Lead Group will help you acquire new solar leads that are ready to install.

What qualifies a new solar lead as ready to install?
Our residential solar leads have been through a vigorous verification process and are ready to complete a scheduled appointment with an installer. With My Lead Group, this means that the lead is educated, confident, and has made the decision that converting to solar power is right for them and their home.

What is the vigorous verification process?
Many lead generation companies will claim that their solar leads are verified and that the homeowners are aware and ready to install solar on their home. However, if they did not do their job, the leads you get will surely fail. With My Lead Group, leads are verified using simple tried and true methods. They make sure that each lead is informed, ready, willing, and able to install solar panels. At My Lead Group, the focus is on educating the public with accurate information about renewable energy and switching to solar power. We believe that the more informed a resident is about solar, the more likely they are to feel confident enough to install.

What happens after that?
After the leads are verified and pre-qualified for solar installation, they are scheduled to meet with an installer. One installer. You! We tailor each campaign to a specific solar company and do not resell the leads to multiple solar companies. When the homeowner gets your call they will already be expecting your company name. We brand and tailor each lead with your company and that is what sets MyLead Group apart and ultimately serves a great service for the homeowner and you the solar company.

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